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Service Menu

The Texture Bar

Virgin Relaxer  $95.00 and up
Touch Up  $65.00 and up
Touch Up (10 weeks or longer)  $85.00 and up
Partials  $10.00
Texturizers  $45.00
Perm  $65.00 and up

The Color Bar

Permanent Single Process  $55.00 and up
Permanent Double Process  $75.00 and up
Permanent Triple Process  $95.00 and up
Color Balance  $25.00
Demi,Toners  $15.00
Inkworks  $10.00
Corrective Color  consultation required

Wash House Experience

Tea Tree Treatment  $10.00
Conditioning Treatments  $10.00

 AWG Kera Triplex Treatment


 Global Hair Taming System

 $250.00 and up

Scupting Experience

Haircut  $25.00
Trim/Shape  $15.00
Clip/Thinning  $7.00
Eyebrow Waxing  $15.00
Chin Waxing  $20.00
Lip Waxing  $7.00

Styling Experience

Wrap  $35.00
Rollerset  $40.00
Blowdry  $45.00
Spiral Set  $55.00 and up
Flex Rod Set  $65.00 and up
Waves  $45.00
Fishtail Braid  $40.00 and up
Cornrows  $45.00 and up

 45.00 and up

 Hair Enhancements  
 Full Sew-Ins  $165.00 and up
 Partials (hairline & nape)  $55.00 and up
 Sew-In per track  $15.00
 Full Glue Bonding  $40.00
 Glue Bonding per track  $5.00
 Quickweaves  $65.00-$90.00
 Glue Removal  $10.00
 Sew-In Removal  $20.00
 Eye Lashes  $25.00
 Malaysian,Peruvian,Brazilian Hair  
 Hand and Feet Experience


 Pink and White Full Set  $46.00
 Pink and White Fill In  $38.00
 White Fill  $5.00
 Full Set  $40.00
 Fill In  $32.00
 Pedicures  $40.00
 Manicures  $15.00
 Polish  $12.00
 Nail Repair  $3.00
 Cut Down  $5.00
 Toe Tips  $5.00
 Rhinestones (etc.)  $3.00 and up
***prices vary based on length of consultation, lentgh of hair and level of stylist.***
***as a to the salon and our other guest and team members please give us a 24-hour
     notice of cancellations.***